Archived webinars

Helping North East SMEs With Remote Working
March 26th 
In this webinar, we had a panel discussion with Dynamo North East, Radial Path, Orange Bus and North of Tyne Combined Authority to help small businesses understand the minefield of remote working and the tech available.
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Rural Mobility Design Sprint: Solutions Presentation
March 26th 

Following a 3 day design sprint looking at solutions to the challenges facing the mobility and movement of visitors, workforce and residents in rural North East England. We presented these potential solutions that came out of the sprint in this webinar.
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Remote working in Service Delivery Centres
April 7th 

Some of the most difficult operations to set up remotely are those of service delivery centres. Front line staff are essential to business and most likely in more demand at this time. We’re working with Dynamo North East and leading North East tech experts to explore the possibilities and advantages of enabling these teams to work from home.
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Furlough – Your Questions Answered. 
April 9th
We’ve teamed up with our partners, Ward Hadaway to bring you a webinar looking to help companies navigate the opportunities and challenges around furlough. See what questions were asked and if they answer any of your queries.
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Working from home with cats, dogs and kids!
April 17th
Working from home with kids? Wondering how to balance your new job as home-schooler while holding down your day job? Join Laura Kemp from Dynamo North East, John Cobrun from Seven Stories and Caroline Ash from Dinnington First to pick up hints, tips and resources you can try out in this webinar.
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Cybersecurity webinar with CyberNorth
April 23rd
Thinking about your cyber security at the moment? Dynamo North East, CyberNorth and Accenture have brought regional cyber security experts to bring you up to speed on what is going on in this fast changing arena.
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Cybersecurity webinar with CyberNorth
May 5th
This webinar brings together regional experts in cyber security to bring everyone up to speed with what’s going on in this fast changing arena. Experts in this webinar include, exponential-e, Northumbria University and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council.
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Keeping Employees Informed & Motivated: Internal Communications Through the Coronavirus Crisis
May 6th
Internal communications is more important than ever as we look for ways to keep in touch with our colleagues remotely. Join this panel to pick up hints, tips, and cost-effective (mostly free!) methods you can instantly use in your business.
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Cybersecurity webinar with CyberNorth
19th May

If you’re looking for advice on CyberSecurity then sign up for this webinar which will be joined fortnightly by leading experts in the industry. They’ll be providing advice and tips to help in this fast changing arena.
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Remote Recruitment and Onboarding
21st May
As businesses settle into remote working, new challenges present themselves – how to recruit and onboard remotely to fill any gaps in the team and perhaps even grow! We bring together resourcing, learning and culture specialists to share their experiences of bringing people on board over the past few months and offer insight into welcoming people into the team embedding culture.
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Tax Efficient Investing for Angel Investors
12th June
On the 12th June 2020, in partnership with the UKBAA, we will be hosting an education workshop – Tax Efficient Investing for Angel Investors. This virtual event will be rolled out to all angel investors both new and experienced across the North.

Cybersecurity webinar with CyberNorth
16th June

CyberNorth, Dynamo’s cyber security cluster is inviting regional experts to their webinar to bring businesses up to speed with what is going on in this fast changing arena.

Funding Webinar
30th June
This webinar includes a live Q&A with investors, expert advice on cash flow during COVID-19, types of funding available and an invitation to pitch training on 1st July.

Creating positive employee engagement in a remote working environment
30th July
Dynamo North East will be joined by 3 specialists who will discuss how to provide the best employee experience in a remote or hybrid working environment.

VRTGO Labs – Cluster meeting
29th July
Join us for a get together where we will discuss all things XR, look at recent sector activity, meet your peers and talk about what’s coming at us. Graeme Miller from The Innovation SuperNetwork will be hosting (as VRTGO Cluster Manager).

Rural Housing Design Mission: A Rural Ageing Population: How might we create Northumberland communities with the right housing in the right places?
6th October
After identifying challenges facing a rapidly ageing population in rural Northumberland, this session will focus on exploring these challenges and how rural housing can be improved for both the young and old of the ageing population

Funding Webinar for Businesses on the Grow
8th October
If you’re a business looking for advice on seeking funding, our Funding webinar includes a live Q&A with investors, expert advice on cash flow during COVID-19 and the types of funding available. Attendees from the webinar will be invited to online pitch training on the 20th October.

NHS Contracting and Tariff System
16th October

This event will provide an introduction to the NHS Contracting and Tariff System for innovators and North East SMEs. It will introduce the national tariff, explaining the principles that underpin it, its scope and structure, the key building blocks of the system and how it is implemented – and varied away from – within the NHS.
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