Seven Stories of Innovation

There are only seven basic plotlines on which every story is based. These plot lines when combined with key elements of design-led innovation create a practical framework to help organisations assess, develop and integrate innovation within their business.

This enjoyable, interactive workshop will be led by John Beattie, Business Development Manager, and Natasha Baniahmad, Creative Associate, for Seven Stories who will show delegates how they can adopt the same approach as the authors of Jane Eyre, Alice in Wonderland, Bridget Jones’ Diary and The Secret Garden to develop and encourage innovation within their business.

John Beattie

Business Development Manager at Seven Stories

John leads creative commercial activity and innovation at Seven Stories, The National Centre for Children’s Books. A recent MBA graduate, John has a background in marketing, communications and education with extensive experience in product, programme and service development.

John is passionate about the potential that stories hold, from encouraging children and young people to realise their potential to applying storytelling to business development methods. He is currently working with regional SMEs to catalyse innovation across the creative and cultural industries.

Natasha Baniahmad

Creative Associate at Seven Stories

Natasha is a creative and innovative practitioner, facilitator and project coordinator working within the Creative Learning and Engagement Team at Seven Stories.

With a background in English literature and an MSc in Psychology, Natasha is passionate about inclusive practice. With almost 20 years’ experience developing, designing and delivering high impact learning and training experiences, Natasha has collaborated with artists, musicians, authors and archivist professionals. Her approach ensures innovative, outcome focused, sessions designed to provide participants with practical take-away tools to apply outside of the workshop.