Newcastle Angel Hub

The Accelerating Investment and Innovation Summit on the 29th September will close with an exclusive Newcastle Angel Hub pitch event, taking place from 16:00 – 17:30.  If you’re an investor and would like to attend, you need to register for the Summit, but please also email Jordan Dargue to express your interest in attending the pitch event.

About the Newcastle Angel Hub

The Newcastle Angel Hub aims to promote and grow the Angel investment community in the North East.  

By providing access to information, education, events and peer to peer learning opportunities we look to encourage the creation of new Angel networks and syndicates.

The Hub presents a unique opportunity to regional business Angels, or those looking to invest in North East businesses from outside the region, by connecting them to investor ready SMEs. Forming part of the UK Business Angels Association (UKBAA) wider Hub network across the country, the Newcastle Angel Hub is delivered by the Innovation SuperNetwork, in partnership with Invest Newcastle.

Join the Newcastle Angel Hub

The Angel Investor community in the North East continues to grow and we’re proud to lead the collaborative approach to building investment opportunities for regional innovative SMEs by bringing investment ready companies face-to-face with investors.

To learn more or discuss joining The Newcastle Angel Hub contact Jordan Dargue.

The Newcastle Angel Hub pitch event will be introduced and facilitated by Jordan Dargue.

Jordan Dargue

Access to Finance Manager, Innovation SuperNetwork

Jordan Dargue is the Access to Finance Manager at the Innovation SuperNetwork, and is responsible for managing both The Newcastle Angel Hub and The Regional Angel Investment Accelerator (RAIA).

Led by the North East Business and Innovation Centre (BIC), the Newcastle Angel Hub is delivered by the Innovation SuperNetwork and North Invest in partnership with the UK Business Angels Association.

An angel investor in her own right,  Jordan is also responsible for building and developing the angel network across the region,  as well as bringing investment and expertise to pioneering innovative small and medium companies across the North East, Yorkshire and North West.  Jordan also works to increase the scale up potential of innovative technology companies and diversity in investment as well as supporting companies and entrepreneurs when accessing investment.