Live Challenge: Innovation in ageing

Launching an Innovation in Ageing Accelerator Programme

The establishment of the National Innovation Centre for Ageing and the identification of ageing as one of four Grand Challenges in the UK Government’s Industrial Strategy presents a unique opportunity for the region to develop a leadership position in this space.

Most effort so far has been directed at linear innovation in healthcare environments, driven by large corporates, rather than on encouraging disruptive ideas. A challenge-led accelerator programme is one way to identify and develop disruptive ideas into new businesses based in the North East.

In this context, the SuperNetwork, NICA, Northstar Ventures and Newcastle City Council are partnering to deliver an accelerator programme, focused on ageing. The programme will launch with a Live Innovation Challenge at VentureFest.

What to expect: The session will be built around the ADL Smartcare and  Newcastle University LifeCurve model (see below), which describes how individuals lose their capacity for daily tasks in a predictable order. Using this information, delegates can enagge with challenges faced by an ageing community and identify new solutions in re-ablement, assistive technology and care.

At the same time, these daily tasks are representative of wider issues and can be unpacked into wider opportunities. The breakout session will look to put the opportunities into context by using case study speakers from Home Group and MiCarePlan.