Data Analytics for Business Growth

From web traffic to social media, production lines to devices and finance systems to CRM applications, North East businesses and organisations are collecting data in increasingly vast amounts. In fact, 90 per cent of the data in the world today has only been generated in the last 2 years.

Getting intelligent insights into data provides businesses with huge untapped opportunities but also some fundamental challenges. Whilst developing data analytics skills could enable new ways of doing business, significantly improve productivity, drive greater efficiency and open up new markets, many businesses simply don’t have the necessary data analytics thinking to look into the potential of their data.

This interactive session has been designed by the University of Sunderland and the Institute of Coding, to explore some of the key challenges that regional businesses have in effectively analysing and making sense of their data.

What to expect:

The workshop will be led by Yonghong Peng (Professor of Data Science, the Academic Director of the Centre for UK-China Digital Business Development), who will showcase some innovative case studies where the application of data analytics skills has been a key driver in transforming business processes, performance and knowledge. Attendees will have opportunity to gain useful insights, through interactive exercises, which can be applied in their own business.



Professor Yonghong Peng

Professor of Data Science at University of Sunderland

Professor Yonghong Peng is a Professor of Data Science and the leader for research and innovation of Data Science at the University of Sunderland.

He is the Chair for the Big Data Task Force (BDTF) of IEEE computational intelligence society (CIS), and a member of Data Mining and Big Data Analytics Technical Committee of IEEE CIS. He is also a founding member of the Technical Committee on Big Data (TCBD) of IEEE Communications, and a member of Big Data Task Force of China Information Industry Association (CIIA). Professor Yonghong Peng is an advisory board member for IEEE Special Interest Group (SIG) on Big Data for Cybersecurity. Professor Peng is the Science and Academic Director for the Centre of UK-China Digital Business Development (UKCN-DBS).

Steve Blanks

Programme Lead for the Institute of Coding at the University of Sunderland

Steve Blanks is Programme Lead for the Institute of Coding at the University of Sunderland. His role involves leading engagement with the university and industry to help plug the digital skills gap. Prior to joining the programme, Steve ran a number of digital and creative businesses, headed up UK Operations for a global software company based in Dublin called Escher Group and was Digital Champion for last year’s Great Exhibition of the North.

Stephanie Clish

Head of Operations at Wordnerds

Steph is Head of Operations at tech start-up, Wordnerds, a data insights company using artificial intelligence and linguistics to understand unstructured text at an industrial scale. Before Wordnerds, Steph managed operations at a Digital Agency, Daykin & Storey, working on digital transformation and strategic marketing projects.