BV FutureGen Foundation – Engaging young people in a meaningful way

Britishvolt, on track to build the UK’s first full-scale Gigaplant in Blyth, is aiming to power future employment in the North East, supporting the BV FutureGen Foundation.  

The Foundation will develop several hubs across the region, including their flagship education hub, located in Ashington, which will serve as an up-skilling venue for potential employees, school children and other members of the local community.  

At VentureFest, the Innovation SuperNetwork, Dynamo North East and BV FutureGen Foundation will be building on work to better understand the barriers to effectively engage young people. The interactive session will be look to SMEs to help develop interactive and meaningful ways of engaging them through their education hub network.  

Opening early in 2023 and spread across 4 floors, the learning hub will deliver accredited education, highlight how people can transfer their existing skills into employment with Britishvolt and other employers, inspire the next generation of employees in the green energy sector and promote Britishvolt as a global employer, with a local community mindset. 

With the potential for SMEs to secure funding towards developing solutions to be included in BV FutureGen Foundation’s education Hub activity, the challenge workshop aims to:  

  • promote Innovative Solutions that will positively affect the experience of young people in relation to the hub, 
  • explore ways of engaging with young people before and after their hub visit to make their experience more impactful, and  
  • find ways of working with the community to offer better all-round support for young people.  

Who should attend? 

Thought leaders, Stakeholders, Implementors and innovators: 

  • Companies that may already have a solution being applied in a similar way elsewhere. 
  • SME’s with ideas about ways to better engage young people before, during and after their visit. 
  • Digital media, marketing and communications agencies with experience of speaking to this audience  
  • Digital content providers 
  • Educational specialists 

This challenge will run from 1pm – 2.30pm on Wednesday 30th March. If you are interested in taking part please register for VentureFest here