Innovation Showcase

Innovation Showcase is a very special part of VentureFest North East

Designed to shine a light on innovative businesses across Northumberland, Tyne & Wear and Durham, the showcase is a platform for businesses to demonstrate how their work has the potential to transform society or industry.

Together with innovation experts at the North East BIC, we search the region to uncover the businesses behind the latest ground-breaking products or services and give them a platform at VentureFest North East to demonstrate their brilliant ideas.

This year's Innovation Showcase includes:

Blue Tokay

Blue Tokay Ltd is a touring exhibition company specialising in natural history. They tour their own collections to venues, which are hired from Blue Tokay for a specific time period.

Dyman Advanced Materials

Dyman is developing a new approach to synthetic diamond manufacturing which reduces the size of the processing equipment by a factor 100 and reduce processing costs by a factor 10.

Green White Sice

Green White Sice Ltd is a designer and manufacturer of innovative workspace furniture. Starting with a unique electric adjusting desk it will be creating a range of smart desking using the latest digital, internet of things and bio tech know-how.


if.Vehicles Ltd create Multi-Mode Micro-Vehicles. They believe it is no longer possible to create vehicles which are “fit-for-purpose” by modifying current designs. The next generation of vehicles must additionally fully meet every health, environmental and economic need and standard.

Mistura Informatics

Mistura Informatics is a software developer of medicines information applications based in Northumberland. Mistura’s applications increase people’s awareness of the benefits and risks of medicines taking, the consequences of non-adherence and promote empowerment.


My Professional Passport enables individuals and businesses in the construction industry to simplify professional training and revolutionises CPD processes.


Nuchido is a scientific anti-ageing company that translates breakthroughs in ageing research into products that promote healthspan. Nuchido is working to bring safe and effective anti-ageing products to market in timescales much shorter than pharmaceutically regulated products.


ODIN is a state-of-the-art system being designed for the mapping and guidance of visually impaired users around indoor locations. Unlike any other system out there, ODIN actively tracks its users, knowing their current position to an accuracy range of approximately 40cm, far more accurate than that of Bluetooth or GPS.

Plastech Innovation

Plastech Innovation takes undesirable post-consumer plastic waste (the type that is sent to landfill or for incineration) and processes it into novel aggregate for use in concrete and other construction materials.

Synergy VR

Synergy VR is a premier provider of immersive and innovative technology for industry 4.0 manufacturing since 2017. Situated in Proto – The Emerging Technology Centre & No.1 RND center in Europe, Synergy VR provide innovative tech and digital marketing for manufacturing, engineering & mining sectors.

The Algorithm People

The Algorithm People specialises in optimising fleets and ultra-low emission vehicles (ULEVs). Its technology helps organisations to become more efficient by increasing vehicle utilisation, reducing costs and cutting emissions.

Your Health and Care

Peggi is a private platform connecting you to your family and friends. It’s worldwide. Peggi provides lifelong storage and sharing of precious and meaningful memories.