Health Innovation North East and North Cumbria (HI NENC)

The Health Innovation North East and North Cumbria (HI NENC) works with Member Organisations including the NHS Trusts, CCGs and Universities across the NENC to help them identify, evaluate, adopt and disseminate transformative innovation. The HI NENC works a lot with Industry too, as a source of innovation and helps industry to access the expertise within the NHS that is so crucial to the development, testing and deployment of products and services that are the basis of the UK’s Life Sciences sector.

As part of a national network of 15 AHSNs, and with colleagues across the country, we collaborate to make nationally important innovation visible and accessible throughout the NHS.

The work of the HI NENC focuses on four main areas:

  • Supporting Economic Growth
  • Transforming Patient Safety and Quality Improvement
  • Improving Population Health
  • Driving Digital Transformation

Across all these activities, The AHSN NENC acts as the trusted broker of cross-organisational work.

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