Mission Statement

Our sole purpose is to make connections to benefit North East businesses. To create opportunities for those Eureka moments. To create the space for fresh ideas to be explored and boundaries to be pushed. To make the introductions that lead to those crucial deals.

Supported by Partner organisations and delivering projects funded by the European Regional Development Fund, the SuperNetwork has strategic alignment to the North East LEP and exists to increase connectivity and collaboration between the region’s business community to enhance innovation and share best practice.

How do we do this?

As the first network of its kind in the UK, we’re using our unique position and overview of the region to make exciting things happen and new collaboration possible. Our activity creates tangible opportunities for North East businesses to achieve their own growth ambitions and supports the regional economy to prosper and grow.

VentureFest North East

The region’s innovation conference brings people together to create opportunities for North East businesses and make exciting things happen. It’s a day in the business calendar that’s dedicated to helping you explore new opportunities, collaborations and challenges.

Innovation Challenge

What are the big issues facing large corporates, the public sector and society at large? Is your business located in the North East? Does your business have the technology, talent or services to provide solutions? If you think the answer could be yes, our Innovation Challenge programme will help you do just that!

North East Innovation Awards

Celebrating the most innovative businesses in the region the North East Innovation Awards are delivered in partnership with RTC North and celebrate the diverse range of innovation taking place across the region.  

Women in Innovation

Diversity in business is proven to strengthen productivity and business success. Women in Innovation is all about equipping North East companies with the tools and insights to support gender equality and stimulate business growth.

Collaborating for success

Our diverse range of private and public sector partners help us deliver our activity to reach as many regional businesses as possible with impactful opportunities for growth. Uncover our partnership opportunities.

Innovation Practice

We provide a year-round programme of seminars to share leading-edge innovation support practice amongst a broad range of public and private sector support agencies. To learn more, contact us.

Cluster and network groups work together

We’re joining up the networks that already exist within specific sectors, membership organisations and disciplines to create new opportunities for regional businesses to grow. To learn more, contact us.