Newcastle University

Newcastle University focuses on academic excellence and the impact of academic work on the wider business community, providing world-class research services for business as well as collaboration, commercialisation, development and training, knowledge exchange and financial support.

The University is committed to ensuring its research helps address some of the key global issues by focusing on selected societal challenge themes, as part of its overall focus on excellence with impact. These themes address the demand side of research by responding to some of the most pressing needs within society: Ageing, Social Renewal and Sustainability.

The Newcastle University Institute for Ageing brings research expertise from across the University to understand how we age, how we can age better, and how we can meet the global challenge of ageing.  Working with a variety of partners, the Institute seeks to use that knowledge to better address the global challenge and opportunity of an ageing society.

With significant strengths in research relating to how individuals, communities and organisations adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing and challenging environment, the Newcastle University Institute for Social Renewal is a hub for research activity which is focused on asking the big questions facing our society.

The University also focuses on solutions to the global challenge of sustainability, with the Newcastle University Institute for Sustainability coordinates research across traditional discipline boundaries to deliver practical, engaged solutions to real-world issues.